Keweenaw County Treasurer

Keweenaw County Treasurer
5095 Fourth Street
Eagle River, MI 49950

Eric Hermanson, County Treasurer

906-337-1625 [Phone]
906-337-2253 [FAX]

Term Expires:
2024 (4-year term)

Pay Delinquient Tax

Having trouble paying your property taxes? You may qualify for assistance from MIHAF. Click here to submit an application.

How to Ask for Your Leftover Money After a Tax Foreclosure

If your home was sold because of a tax foreclosure, you can ask for any money that is left over after the taxes are paid. Click here for more information.


Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Closed Legal Holidays

Staff & Contacts

Eric Hermanson, County Treasurer

Susan Cronenworth, Deputy Treasurer

Services Provided

The office of County Treasurer was established by the Michigan State Constitution. The Treasurer is an elected officer, serving a 4-year term of office.

The main function of the Treasurer is Custodian of all County funds. Services provided by the Treasurer's Office include Certification of Warranty Deeds, Tax Histories and other property information.

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