12th Circuit Court - Keweenaw

Department Information

12th Circuit Court - Keweenaw
5095 Fourth Street
Eagle River, MI 49950

Hon. Charles R. Goodman
12th Circuit Court Judge

Julie Carlson, County Clerk

906-337-2229 [Phone]
906-337-2253 [FAX]

Pay Clerk of Courts

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Closed Legal Holidays

Other Contacts

Russell Ryynanen, Parole/Probation Agent

Tanya Etelamaki, Parole Probation Agent

Danielle Lindlbauer, Secretary

906-482-6615 [Phone]
906-482-0875 [Phone]

Services & Information


The following cases are handled in the Circuit Court:

  • Felony Criminal Matters
  • Lawsuits Over $25,000
  • Divorce, Paternity, Family Support, Custody, Parenting Time Disputes
  • Personal Protection Orders
  • Appeals from District and Administrative Agencies

Fees & Payments

  • Filing Fee for Civil Cases $175.00
  • Jury Demands for Civil Cases $85.00
  • Motion Fees for Civil Cases $20.00
  • Criminal Name Searches $10.00 per name

Please contact the Court with any questions.

For legal advice, click on the following link: http://www.michiganlegalhelp.org/

To make payments:

  • Mail a check or money order payable to 12th Circuit Court at the address above
  • Cash is accepted is person
  • Credit and Debit Card payments are accepted in person or online. Online payments can be made at any time.

Contact the Court with any questions.

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