5095 4th Street
Eagle River, Michigan 49950


Keweenaw County Road Commission
1916 Fourth Street
P.O. Box 379
Mohawk, Michigan 49950

906.337.1610 [Phone]
906.337.1404 [FAX]

Board of County Road Commissioners:

Joseph Waananen, Chairman
P.O. Box 279
Ahmkeek, MI 49901
Term Expires: 12/31/22

Richard Schaefer, Vice-Chairman
7575 Eagle Harbor Road
Mohawk, MI 49950
Term Expires: 12/31/20

Richard Olson, Member
5913 Montgomery Pt Rd
Mohawk, MI 49950
Term Expires: 12/31/24


Office Hours:
Monday through Friday, 7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. (October April)
Monday through Thursday, 6:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. (May September)

Board Meetings:
All KCRC Board meetings will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2:00 PM unless otherwise noted. Special meeting may be scheduled at other times to accommodate other needs.


Engineer/Manager Gregg M. Patrick, P.E. Extension 13
Accountant Kenneth Rowe Extension 11
Payroll Clerk Liisa Koljonen Extension 10
Maintenance Foreman Chris Cronenworth Extension 16
Shop Foreman Scot Peterson Extension 15
Sign Foreman Dave Frantti Extension 14

Road Miles Maintained:

Primary 204 lane miles
Local 146 lane miles
(126 lane miles of US 41 and M 26 maintained under contract with MDOT)

Average annual snowfall 242 inches
Record snowfall (1978-79) 390.4 inches

Roadside Parks Maintained by KCRC:

Road Commission Roadside Parks:
W.C. Veale Park, Five Mile Point Road
Eagle River Beach Table Site, Front Street, Eagle River
Copper Falls Park, Eagle Harbor Road
Brockway Mountain Drive, Summit Area
Brockway Mountain Drive, Copper Harbor Overlook
Haven Park, Gay-LacLaBelle Road
John Jackson Riverside Park, Gay-LacLaBelle Road
Brunette Park, Gay-LacLaBelle Road
Tobacco River Park, Gay-LacLaBelle Road
Bete de Gris Beach, Bete de Gris Road

State (MDOT) Roadside Parks:
Information Booth/Veterans Park, US 41
Snow Gauge Park, US 41
Eagle River Park, M 26
Great Sand Bay Table Site, M 26
Esrey Park, M 26
Hebard Park, M 26






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